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Club VHDG is our way of creating more possibilities for young artists and aspiring art professionals. The Club consists of young and active curators, artists, producers, interns and volunteers. Together with these people we organize activities and workshops, and look at the program of VHDG. How does this work exactly?

Club VHDG comes together to meet once in a while. These meetings serve as network opportunities, but also as moments we can facilitate workshops or activities, based on the interests of the participants in the Club. We’re also planning an exhibition together between 17 November and 10 December 2023, fully organized by Club VHDG members. To shape the activities of Club VHDG we’re currently mapping the needs and demands of the cultural sector of Leeuwarden through this survey.

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Photo 1 and 2: Maarten Dikken
Photo 3: David Vroom