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The education team – led by Siska Alkema – creates and organizes educational programs around the projects of VHDG, often together with the artist(s) of the project or with students NHL/Stenden of the course Docent DBKV (Teacher of Visual Arts and Design). The target groups for education vary, for example, our workshops are offered to elementary school (BO), secondary schools (VO) and MBO schools. For each project, a course is chosen in cooperation with the different schools and we look at which target group fits well.

In collaboration with MBO Aeres in Leeuwarden, we develop various workshops for the projects of our artist in residency program VHDG Lokaal. The full program consists of 5 workshops divided into 2 art projects, in which MBO students from the Life Science program can participate. In 2023, workshops took place in the Heechterp neighborhood of Leeuwarden, where artist duo SMET was at work. The workshops were received with enthusiasm and positivfitieit by the students. One student said, “I was surprised that by just getting started we automatically came up with an idea. And the idea kept growing each time”. The MBO workshops fall under the subject of citizenship.

Education from VHDG also takes place outside of schools. For example, workshops are also given at various AZC locations or in community centers. In addition, to conclude an art project or education program, we regularly organize group tours in Art Space H47. A nice way to conclude the creative process and to meet each other.

Workshops until July 2024;

  • Create your own metroline network, how and where to will the main lines in your life go to?( BO/VO)
  • Making session ‘New Icons’. What do you think is iconic in you environment or maybe there is an iconic story in your family? (BO)
  • Changing program with workshops during the group exhibition Gemeentegoed (1 – 18 July) at Podium Explore (formerly known as de Westerkerk) (BO and VO)

Workshops July & September 2024: rondom artistic program Foarlân

July &  September: The Outsiders

How can we listen together to the earth, trees, insects and young people of Friesland? And when we do, what do we learn from what we hear? What skills and stories are rooted in this land, our province’s agricultural past and present? What do we learn from these skills and stories for our future? Based on these questions, several art workshops are organized in and around Leeuwarden during the months of September and October. An educational program with the artist collective Fabulous Futures will follow in the fall.

Photo 1: David Vroom
Photo 2: Honey & Antonio
Photo 3: Siska Alkema
Photo 4: Siska Alkema