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The Outsiders

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is an artist collective that explores agricultural heritage in urban areas to develop knowledge and skills for ecological, resilient living. It is an organisation committed to people, environment and society. 


Through public art and architecture, The Outsiders build spaces in the city, exploring the shared function of public space to better understand them. They collaborate with different organizations and also local residents on temporary projects. In this way, they want to get an overall picture of the various functions of spaces. Learning by doing is their motto.


The Outsiders was founded by architect Txell Blanco and artist Asia Komarova in collaboration with various government and non-government organizations and citizens. As of 2018, the Outsiders are collaborating with Casco Art Institute, Working for the commons.

The Outsiders consists of: Asia Komarova; Txell Blanco; Merel Zwarts and Leonardo Siquiera.

Photo: Merel Zwarts