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Modern Traditions

Exhibition: Club VHDG

Club VHDG, VHDG, Keunstwurk

Kunstruimte H47

Kunstruimte H47
Haniasteeg 47
8911 BX Leeuwarden

Opening + netwerkborrel

vr, 17 nov. 2023 - 16.30 / 20.00


za, 18 nov. 2023 - 12.00 / zo, 10 dec. 2023 - 17.00

Modern Traditions

Club VHDG presents a first-time exhibition, ‘Modern Traditions,’ in Kunstruimte H47 from November 17th to December 10th. In collaboration with Keunstwurk, this exhibition has been entirely created by local artists and young art professionals. They stepped out of their comfort zones to take on new roles within Club VHDG, such as curator, designer, producer, writer, or PR staff. Kunstruimte H47 is transformed into a homely space where you can admire intimate works by four northern artists: Griet Reitsema, Lisa Bommerson, Fleur Stoltenborgh, and D. Arjen.

Modern Traditions
Homes soften. It’s where we come together or are alone. Where we say goodbye, see each other again, think, build, create, and just exist. This exhibition shows traces of the place we call home, a place where we can be the most vulnerable and truly ourselves. As a visitor, you will be surrounded by domestic scenes and confronted with themes such as safety, loneliness, and freedom during the ‘Modern Traditions’ exhibition. How do you experience your home?

Griet Reitsema
Ask other artists and art enthusiasts about Griet’s work, and they will say she has talent, but she doesn’t often take the spotlight. Her craftsmanship is refined, and her ceramics are artisanal. Her perspective is broad, but her theme is domestic. Griet is inspired by the dogs of Jan Steen. Her works take place in Griet’s own environment. With lively scenes and the participation of dogs, her handiwork found its way into this exhibition space.

Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Lisa creates drawings of her daily life. She keeps her subjects very close, making them recognizable to everyone, such as a breakfast table or a self-portrait. After all, we all have a perception of our own bodies, and most people eat breakfast. In this exhibition, she portrays a homely setting, intimate and detailed, symbolizing the thoughts that can engulf you when you are safely at home.

Fleur Stoltenborgh
Fleur plays with reality. She creates photographic work where objects often take the lead role. By finding and then associatively arranging objects, Fleur develops visual rhymes, resulting in surreal and sometimes slightly absurd works. For ‘Modern Traditions,’ Fleur presents a couch for sleeping, but the cushions that provide a soft seating area are not neatly arranged. Her work appears soothing and is primarily humorous and surprising.

D. Arjen
Arjen, through textiles, painting, and collage art, deals with his own experiences of loneliness and chronic illness. His home is safe, but it is also the place where he goes through difficult things. With his work, Arjen creates a safe space, welcoming the viewer to take a look inside. By using computer-generated patterns mixed with knitting or embroidery, he creates gentle works that revolve around grim subjects. In this exhibition, Arjen showcases one of his knitted works, an interpretation of a healing process he has undergone.

At Club VHDG, young artists from the North can experiment, try out new roles within a production, and use their talents and knowledge to work together towards a beautiful event or exhibition. Throughout the process, Club members are supported by Teodóra Róka and get a glimpse behind the scenes of VHDG. There is also the opportunity to participate in interesting workshops or creative sessions, tailored to the needs of the group’s artists. These are often organized in collaboration with other local art institutions or creators. This way, VHDG creates opportunities for young artists and professionals to grow within their expertise or learn something entirely new.

‘Modern Traditions’ will take place at Kunstruimte H47, and the festive opening by Club VHDG will be held on Friday, November 17th, at 16:30.

Collaborative partner Keunstwurk is organizing a networking event at pop venue Neushoorn at the same time. There, you can meet each other and experience a sense of belonging within the cultural sector of the North!

After the opening, the ‘Modern Traditions’ exhibition will be open every week from Wednesday to Sunday until December 10th, from 12:00 to 17:00 at Kunstruimte H47.

Would you like to learn more about Club VHDG or participate? Click HERE!

Design: Afrida Adema Partner: Keunstwurk