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SRV #7: Margriet Craens

“A search for the being of Frisian cheese”

Resedentie periode

ma, 06 sep. 2021 / zo, 10 okt. 2021

De SRV-wagen

Door de hele provincie. Houd onze socials in de gaten om te zien waar we nu zijn.


za, 13 nov. 2021 / zo, 12 dec. 2021


Haniasteeg 47
8911 BX Leeuwarden

SRV #7: Margriet Craens

“A search for the being of Frisian Cheese”

This fall the SRV-car (the old mobile supermarket turned into a driving artist-residence) of VHDG will return to its roots. The upcoming project centers around a typically Dutch consumption product: Cheese. Artist Margriet Craens ventures out to research the Frisian Cheese and its future and visits cheesemongers, cheese sellers and cheese consumers. And of course almost every Dutch person belongs to the latter category. We aren’t known as ‘kaaskoppen’ (cheese-heads) without reason; the average inhabitant of the Netherlands eats 17 kilos of cheese per year!

On September 5 Margriet will leave Leeuwarden to travel the Frisian cheese-landscape. Besides visiting several cheese professionals, she also wants to talk with amateur cheese-fanatics, and with people who dislike cheese. Just like in a real SRV-car, you can also get a slice of cheese from Margriet for your own sandwich. If your hometown is on the route, you can contact Margriet to order cheese through the order-form or telephone. The deeper meaning of cheese

This project also aims to look at cheese from a different perspective – the spiritual side of cheese. Margriet was inspired by the patterns of holes that appear in certain cheeses, whenever you cut a slice. Every slice is unique and the different formations of holes looked a little bit like… constellations? During the residency Margriet will attempt to reveal a deeper layer of cheese by analyzing these holes.

The link between spirituality and cheese does not seem to be new, however: apparently in the Dark Ages they used cheese fondue for divinatory purposes. It works like this: Some dips a piece of bread in the hot liquid cheese and holds it in front of the light. Then you ask your question and the shape of the shadow cast upon the wall will provide an answer. Margriet will try to use this method herself during her residency.

Feel like having some cheese, or talking about cheese?

Margriet traverses the province in an attempt to dig deeper into the being of Frisian cheese, in both a rational and spiritual way. What does the Frisian cheese-landscape look like, now and later? Because the Frisian cheeses are nothing without the Frisians themselves, she also hopes for beautiful exchanges, from pieces of cheese to deep conversations about cheese.

Do you have a special connection with cheese? Knowledge of cheese? A good cheese-story ripening on a shelf somewhere? Can you predict the future of cheese? Or do you just feel like enjoying a fine piece of Frisian cheese? Then let us know!

Join us and/or stay up to date

Call or text your cheese-messages to 06-49283387. Or app the number to join the WhatsApp-group in which you’ll be able to track the journey of the SRV-car.

Please note: For this event a corona entry code is required.

Poster design: Niels Lunter SRV #7 is supported by: Fonds, VSB Fonds, Nieuwe Stadsweeshuis, Stichting Emmaplein, Stichting Stokroos, Ritske Boelama Gasthuis, Stichting Herbert Duintjer, Stichting H47, Bank Giro Loterij Fonds, Provincie Fryslan.