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Bart Lunenburg

Foto: Wouter le Duc

Bart Lunenburg (Utrecht, 1995) has a strong interest in how buildings absorb ideas and ideologies, fears and desires, memories, and flaws; both those of the architect and the residents. In his multidisciplinary artistic practice, he works with architecture, the memory of buildings, architectural history and heritage.

He primarily uses scale models, which can, in turn, lead to the creation of sculptures, photos, drawings, and textiles, often coming together in installations and books. In his projects, he endeavors to ‘unearth’ the memory of buildings by researching archival material in combination with his own observations and translating them into scale models.

He prefers approaching a new project by spending an extended period in a building or site, aiming to listen, study and translate the life, materials, and memory of the structure. By doing so, he attempts to create objects that often converge in multidisciplinary installations and standalone pieces.

In his work, he blends architectural history and heritage with his own observations and experiences to generate new narratives about our fundamental yet complex relationship with our built environment. Therefore, he always approaches materials, buildings, and cities as if they have their own memories. Bart lives and works in Amsterdam.

Photo: Wouter le Duc