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Publieke actie in Leeuwarden


verspreid in de stad

ma, 03 jun. 2024 - 12.00 / ma, 01 jul. 2024 - 12.00


De Lange Adem: A collective sound for a common future.
Manifestation in the streets of Leeuwarden.

On Monday June 3d, De Lange Adem collective is organising a sound manifestation in the centre of Leeuwarden. At 12:00, when the air alarm is tested, everyone is invited to raise the alarm together for impending disasters that endanger our common future. Residents and various activist groups in Leeuwarden will make themselves heard against the climate crisis, polarisation and discrimination. For the duration of ten minutes, we will make noise together by blowing mist horns to amplify the air alarm and use it as a collective call for solidarity.

Along Nieuwestad and Voorstreek, horns will be handed out and everyone is invited to make noise together for 10 minutes: to sound the alarm, to support each other and to celebrate a moment of coming together. This event is open to everyone who stands behind our message and common values of solidarity and inclusiveness. At noon, take a break from work or other pursuits and meet us at the center. This sound event is for all ages. During and after the event there will be lunch available for a voluntary donation.

Informational gathering: on 25 May and 2 June at 13:00 hours at Kunstinitiatief VHDG, Haniasteeg 47, 8911 BX Leeuwarden.

About the manifestation
Every first Monday of the month, the air alarm sounds throughout the Netherlands. It is a test alarm for a disaster that may happen someday: war, flood, fire or an explosion. Those who hear it for the first time are startled, but many are used to it by now. In a real disaster, you shut your windows and doors, but now when you hear the alarm, normal life goes on. When the alarm was set in 1952 – during the Cold War – there was a threat of attacks from the East. Now, however, there are increasing calls to replace the alarm with a notification on your phone. This ties in with the growing individualization of society. The Long Breath calls on everyone to collectively sound the alarm for the threat to a common future.

The threats of our time, the organization believes, consist not only of impending wars, but have many forms that sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly threaten the Leeuwarder community. We are heading into a future of drastic climate change and rising sea levels. There is a severe housing shortage, undermining our right to affordable housing. Tolerance is under pressure and the community is polarizing. There are increasing cuts to necessary care for vulnerable people in society. Newcomers, Leewarders of color and/or from the LGBTQ community are more discriminated against and do not feel welcome in the city.

All these impending disasters, all these threats, need a united response. That is why on June 3, at noon, we will take to the streets together to make noise for a common future. The horns will sound with a message for greater solidarity and a sense of community.

The three mounds
Leeuwarden is built on three mounds, Nijehove, Oldehove and Minnema, where we have been retreating from rising waters and other impending disasters for centuries. On the mounds, we forge coalitions, work together and support each other. On June 3d, we will gather on the mounds again, this time on Voorstreek and Nieuwestad, to sound the alarm for approaching disasters and to celebrate our togetherness.

The horns sound collectively to call us to change from our own urgency, connecting us with people with other urgencies. On the mounds we forge coalitions, work together and support each other. Leeuwardeners are welcome to honk for a specific reason, or to be part of the whole.

June 3rd marks the first action of De Lange Adem and is dedicated to solidarity. The main aim is to bring together various groups and residents to acknowledge and support each other. On July 1st, the second action will focus on commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery on Keti Koti day. Future manifestations will always focus on a different action, including those for climate and nature restoration, queer rights, housing rights, against war violence and other threats.

The Lange Adem
“Lange Adem” means having the stamina to persevere. A project of considerable scope that takes a lot of time. – Having long breath makes you cautious and thoughtful. After all, you don’t want to waste your energy in a short period of time, because that will get you into trouble. In activism, “having a long breath” is an important expression because it takes a lot of time and energy to effect change. Long Breath promotes a regenerative culture in activism and struggle for justice. We are therefore holding a collective event so that some can honk their horns while others can take a breather.

The manifestation is open to everyone who shares the values of solidarity and inclusiveness. Want to join in? Pick up a horn and instructions at Haniasteeg 47 on June 3rd at 11:45. You are also welcome to bring your own horn. In preparation, we are organising 2 information sessions and we invite you to come to one on a date that suits you. Invite your friends by sharing this poster and tag the initiative with #LangeAdem.

Would you like to learn more? Join one of the information meetings on 25th May or 2nd June at 13:00 at Kunstinitiatief VHDG, Haniasteeg 47, 8911 BX Leeuwarden. Participants can also join Telegram Telegram or Signal-group.

Organised with the support of Kunstinitiatief VHDG 

With solidaire greetings, Lange Adem gemeenschap_______


Lange Adem poster design: Wouter Stroet