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Museum Night FRL

Art manifestation-for-1-night

VHDG, Fries Museum

Fries Museum

Wilhelminaplein 92
8911 BS Leeuwarden

Museumnacht FRL

za, 30 sep. 2023 - 19.00 / zo, 01 okt. 2023 - 0.00

Museum Night FRL

Especially for Museumnacht FRL, the Fries Museum and Kunstinitiatief VHDG are organising an art manifestation-for-1-night. For this event, the organisations issued an open call for enthusiastic artists from various disciplines who live and/or work in Friesland and want to be part of this nocturnal programme. You will discover the surprising works of winners Heleen Haijtema, Annemarie Lindeboom and Caya Emmelkamp during the Museum Night. Click here for more information about the Open Call.

Annemarie Lindeboom
Word artist and spoken word artist Annemarie Lindeboom will be presenting her show Instantané during Museum Night. This dark and raw multidisciplinary show revolves around snapshots: reflecting on the important, beautiful and powerful moments in life. Supported by music, light, visuals and extras, Lindeboom’s Instantané reflects on her own burnout. A show where you don’t know beforehand what to expect.

Caya Emmelkamp
In the work The Teevee Tower: Beppe Zus Afl.2 focuses on ridicule. The installation by theater designer, visual artist and Illustrator Caya Emmelkamp consists of a video work, a puppettry-like TV tower and a series of smaller sculptures. Within the work are themes of collaboration, friendship and theatricality. The work was created from feelings of nostalgia; for example, the video work, Beppe Zus Afl. 2, was inspired by old-fashioned children’s television. With the installation, Emmelkamp encourages viewers to share their own nostalgic memories.

Heleen Haijtema
The nightshade family (Solanaceae) contains more than 90 genera and 2,500 species. The family includes food plants such as tomato, eggplant and potato, but at the same time also the poisonous thorn apple and deadly wolf cherry. This contrast is the starting point for the installation Nightshade, where photographer and artist Heleen Haijtema brings together the different properties of nightshade and its metaphors. A play of seduction, beauty but also of danger.

Performances, workshops, and other activities
In addition to this art manifestation-for-1-night, there are plenty of other exciting things to experience at the Fries Museum on this evening: stimulate your other senses at the scent bar, get a quick tour of the Fries Museum with special speed tours (in English and Dutch), discover one-time contemporary interventions by artists scattered throughout the building, and enjoy bands and DJs in the museum hall until late into the night!

Michelle Samba and Bert Scholten will give theatrical performances, and Trouvano will provide danceable music late into the night. Friesland Pop has programmed Amonia Caramel, the former finalist of the Kleine Prijs van Fryslân for the evening, offering timeless, dreamy Americana pop with a bittersweet touch.

The Fries Museum is open on this Saturday from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM. It’s a unique opportunity to discover the museum (and the spectacular view) in the atmospheric evening light. Reserve a ticket at the specially reduced rate of €8,- via the website of the Fries Museum and let yourself be inspired!

Photo: NACHTSCHADE, Solanum Melongena - Heleen Haijtema, 2023. This open call has been made possible by Alma-Tadema Kring van het Fries Museum and by Keunstwurk

art manifestation-for-1-night


  1. 1. Instantané, Annemarie Linderboom
  2. 2. De Teevee Toren: Beppe Zus Afl.2, Caya Emmelkamp
  3. 3. Nachtschade, Heleen Haijtema