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A unique art presentation during Museum Night at the Fries Museum

VHDG, Fries Museum

Fries Museum

Wilhelminaplein 92
8911 BS Leeuwarden

Open Call

wo, 28 jun. 2023 / ma, 07 aug. 2023


On Saturday, September 30th, the second edition of Museumnacht FRL will take place. The Fries Museum, in collaboration with Kunstinitiatief VHDG, is organizing a unique one-night exhibition in surprising locations within the museum during this museum night. For this event, the organizations are announcing an open call for passionate artists from various disciplines who reside and/or work in Friesland and want to be part of this nocturnal program.

Are you a visual artist, performance artist, working with video or sound, or have you designed an interactive art workshop and are eager to showcase it to a large and diverse audience? Then participate in this Open Call by Kunstinitiatief VHDG and the Fries Museum. Check the requirements on This open call is open to everyone, from experienced artists with or without formal education to young creators and recent graduates.

Practical information
During Museum Night, three spaces within the museum can be filled by winners of this Open Call. It can be done with one artwork or multiple works that form a collective presentation, such as a series of paintings, a video work or performance, a sound art installation, or a workshop with visual elements. The open call is applicable only to existing works that you may need to adapt for presentation at the Fries Museum. The winners will receive an honorarium of €1350, with a production and expenses budget of €1000. To participate in the open call, submit your work along with a brief presentation plan to For all requirements and more information, visit

Your submission should include a description and photos or videos of your work. Additionally, a short presentation plan and motivation are required. It would be appreciated if you include a brief bio and explain your connection to Friesland and Museumnacht.

Museumnacht FRL
On Saturday, September 30th, 2023, Frisian museums will open their doors for the only provincial museum night in the Netherlands, Museumnacht FRL. In addition to the unique atmosphere of a nighttime museum visit, there will be a special program featuring music, performances, lectures, and stories in museums throughout Fryslân. This year, museums and various other cultural institutions are collaborating to encourage a younger audience to explore culture and museums. On September 30th, the Fries Museum will be the center of attention during Museumnacht. Therefore, it is important that the submitted works are interesting to this target audience.

Location options
The facade of the building
Elevator screen
City display at 1st floor
Stairs 2nd to 3rd
Panoramic room
Pink cinema room

We are open to other suggestions for locations within the museum (with exception of the exhibition rooms). Please consider the safety of the visitors and the building. 

To participate in this exhibition, please submit the following:

1. 1. A clear description (max. 1 page), photo or video of your work.

2. A short presentation plan (i.e., ideas for execution during the museum night). Information about available locations can be found here. The final placement will be determined in collaboration with the curators. Max. 3 pages.

3. A brief motivation, introducing yourself, explaining your connection to Friesland, and why your project is suitable for execution in the museum during Museumnacht. Max 1 page.

4. Any additional relevant information for your participation.

More information and conditions

The open call is applicable only to existing works that you may need to adapt for presentation at the Fries Museum. Submissions can consist of one or multiple artworks that together form a presentation, such as multiple paintings, a video work with performance, a sound art installation, or a workshop with visual elements. The selected artists will receive an honorarium of €1350, with a production and expenses budget of €1000.

  • Submissions must be in digital format (a photo of your work, a video, or a description of your performance or workshop) (JPG or PDF, 300dpi) sent to
  • The artists must be available on the day of the event (September 30th, 2023), as well as a few days prior for discussions and setup.
  • Open Call Deadline: August 7th, 2023
  • Participants will be notified after August 24th, 2023
  • Choice of materials is open
  • By submitting your work, you grant us permission to use it for communication related to the event if you are selected.
  • Please note it is not possible to create entirely new work for this exhibition. We adhere to compensation guidelines for artists. Given the available budget, only existing artworks will be considered. Adjustments to existing artworks are allowed. We base our honorarium rates on the Guidelines for Artists’ Fees for “adjustment of existing work.” For more information, please visit:

Upon receiving the submissions, our curatorial team consisting of Koen Bartijn, artistic director of VHDG, Judith Spijksma, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Fries Museum, Josine Zuidema, programmer of activities at the Fries Museum, and artist Michelle Samba will carefully review and select the submissions based on artistic quality, originality, and relevance to the overarching theme of the exhibition.

Design: Michiel Teeuw Motion graphics: Wang Xoo The open call was made possible by Alma-Tadema Kring van het Fries Museum and by Keunstwurk