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Artist in Space: Kunstinitiatief VHDG x Kunsthuis SYB



do, 01 apr. 2021 / ma, 31 mei 2021

  • Who: professional visual artists, writers and/or art critics in the North of the Netherlands
  • What: 8 weekly meeting from 2 till 3
  • Where: Online
  • When: Deadline: March 17 at 17:00, start program April 6
  • Language: English and/or Dutch
  • Fee: All participants receive a fee of €300,- incl. BTW for participating, writers receive an extra fee of €200,- incl. BTW for the writing of the text.

Have you been working for a couple of years as a visual artist, and do you feel the need to participate in a ‘good old’ work meeting, the exchanging of ideas and the broadening of your network? Then join COLLECTIVE, organized by Kunsthuis SYB (Beetsterzwaag) and Kunstinitiatief VHDG (Leeuwarden). In a series of online meetings, you’ll meet a smaller group of other makers and you’ll be looking for new perspectives through which to look at your work and the professional practice. During every weekly session with your collective, one of the members share’s their work, to discuss it in the group afterwards. There will also be an art critic assigned to every group, who will be present during the presentations and meetings and will write an article or essay at the end of the trajectory about the work of the participants and the themes discussed.

All collectives will meet each other in a start and end meeting: your group you will meet weekly. For the work meetings an earlier determined feedback system will be used, that will be introduced at the start meeting. This method is focused on giving the participants the space to present their work and to let every other participant share and learn in the process.

There is room for a maximum of 20 artists and 5 writers. You can apply by filling in this form. VHDG and SYB will select the participants based on their motivation. In the week of March 24 you’ll receive word if you are selected to join the program, and on Tuesday April 6 the start meeting will take place from 10:00 – 12:00.

Design: Michiel Teeuw
VHDG and Kunsthuis SYB organize this project at the occasion of Artist in Space (de Noordenaars), to provide artists with the opportunity to expand their network and to further develop their practice. COLLECTIVE is supported by We The North and the Mondriaan Fonds.