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Roundabout: Alexander Laner

Full Please!


Rotonde Julianalaan

Rotonde Julianalaan, tegenover Curioskerk en Julianapark

Rotonde Expositie

vr, 31 mrt. 2023 / wo, 31 mei 2023

Roundabout: Alexander Laner

In the spring of 2023 VHDG will present a new, striking artwork on the roundabout at the Julianalaan in Leeuwarden: Full Please! by artist Alexander Laner (DE). Whether you’re driving your car, riding a bike or just strolling by, you can admire this unique fountain here during the months of April and May.

With Full Please! Alexander Laner transforms household objects and industrial devices into a playful art installation with a critical message. The artist himself says: “an ironic homage to the excessive use of fossil fuels in a society that is becoming increasingly aware of the ecological impact.” Car engines are getting more powerful, long-distance travel is being compensated with flight shame and CO2 compensation and the use of fossil fuels is increasing every year. Even though western civilisation is getting more insight into an impending environmental disaster, it is ever challenging to change our lifestyle and habits. It remains hard to make fossil fuels disappear from our daily lives.

Alexander Laner was born in 1974 and lives and works in Munich. The artist has received multiple prizes and funding in his home country, like the Förderpreis of Munich and the Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis. Laner’s works include a variety of site-specific artworks in the public space. With these impressive and significant works, using a lot of humor and actuality, he transforms an existing object into something completely new – like a carwash temporarily turned into the gate to hell, or the inside of a pedestal of a monumental statue completely converted into a fully decorated apartment.

On the 31st of March at 16:00 this new roundabout artwork, the fountain of Alexander Laner, will be officially revealed. Come to this festive event and discover all the various dimensions of Full Please! yourself.

Photo: Alexander Laner

Reveal Full Please!

Reveal Full Please!


Photos: David Vroom